Anonymous asked:

Can you describe your personal oakwood university experience in the most detail as possible (good & bad)? I will be attending that school and would like a heads up!

Oakwood University saved my life. 

Before I came to OU i was a college dropout. I had just quit my job. and was also unemployed. 

Then with the help of some church family, I got into Oakwood on a conditional acceptance. 

The people their are amazing. And its a real spiritual place. 

The food is ehhh, (its a vegetarian campus) But the student body is the most loving, and friendly group of people I have ever met in my life. 

The school is an HBCU, but it’s mostly kids from West-Indian (carribean) and african decent, Us pure American’s are a minority lol 

It’s also a christian school so its a very religious atmosphere. But its not that they shove it down your throat, but they help you in your own spiritual walk through worships, chapel and church services. 

We are also home to the Oakwood Aeolians which is the #1 Gospel Choir in the world for 2 years in a row now. So our music is on a WHOLE other level. 

We have an OUTSTANDING Biology dept. 

We have an OUTSTANDING music dept. 

We have an OUTSTANDING science dept. (Top 15 HBCU in science) 

There’s also a Spoken Word Poetry group on campus called “Art N Soul” which I am apart of and we are incredible.

Plus a bunch of other stuff to get into.

All in all, It’s the best experience I’ve ever had in my life. You should come! I think you would love it.!